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Overview of the CSHSE National Standards

The CSHSE National Standards are based on national research of human service educational programs that are grounded in relationship with service providers in their communities. In addition, the Standards have been confirmed through external research (see the Community Support Skill Standards) and the continuing emergence of the human services field since the early 1970s. Over the years, the language of the Standards has been updated and clarified based on the self-studies and input from CSHSE Members.

Organization of Standards

The Standards are organized in two sections, Part I: General Program Characteristics (Standards 1 -10) and Part II: Curriculum. Each standard is organized as follows:

  • A general statement developing the context and rationale for the standard
  • The standard
  • The specifications stating criteria used for evaluating program compliance to the standards. They reflect the minimum acceptable level of compliance.

The Standards for each level of degree accredited by the Council are can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

The Specifications for each higher level of education incorporates the knowledge, theory, skills, and attitude/values content specified for the preceding level(s). For example, all associate degree level Specifications have been integrated with the baccalaureate level specifications. The purpose of the curricular Specifications is to delineate the minimal level of compliance at each educational level for each Standard. Many programs have unique approaches that emphasize particular theories or disciplinary approaches, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field of human services. It is not the intent of the Standards to obliterate this uniqueness, but rather to insure the quality, continuity, and relevance of human service programs by assuring a commonality of content and practice in addition to the unique aspects of accredited programs. It is the responsibility of each Program to demonstrate where in their program each of the curricular standards is met and how they assess student learning in relationship to Standards.

Programs seeking accreditation, report and renewal, or reaccreditation should refer to the current Member Handbook: Accreditation and Self-Study Guide to assure compliance of their self-study with current Council policies and procedures. You can obtain a copy of the current handbook by going to [FORMS] or clicking here.



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