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Membership Payment, Policies and Procedures

The Council for Standards in Human Services Education was created in 1976 and is the only national accrediting body for human service degree programs. The National Standards set forth by the Council have been confirmed through independent and Council research as well as the self-studies of various institutions over the years. The membership consists of degree Programs that sustain the work of the Council through membership dues.

The Board of Directors is committed to fulfilling the vision and mission of the Council with integrity and professionalism. Through membership, Programs join the Council in the work of promoting high quality educational experiences that assure human service professionals who enter the field prepared to work with diverse clients in diverse settings with diverse goals and objectives around a common thread of social justice. This document provides members a resource for understanding the framework for the Council's work, the responsibilities and rights of members, and the principles that inform our practice.

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Membership in the Council

Programs can become members of the Council before they are accredited, and some Programs remain members without ever becoming accredited. Members join the Council in its commitment to improving the quality, consistency, and relevance of human service education programs through National Standards, accreditation of human service degree programs, research, and publications.

Programs cannot, however, become accredited without first becoming members of the Council. In addition, Programs must maintain current membership through annual dues as a condition of accreditation.

All members benefit from the work of the Council. Regional Directors and Executive Board Members are available to consult with any member regarding program and curriculum standards. All members have the same voting privileges whether or not they are accredited.

Programs with more than one site can apply for one membership with an additional fee per site. An application for membership can be downloaded from the Council website at http://www.cshse.org. The completed application should be submitted as instructed on the form with a check for membership fee for one year.

Use of CSHSE Logo in Promotional Materials

Non-accredited members are listed on the Council website. They may not claim or imply that they are accredited.

Accredited members of the Council are listed on the CSHSE website and can include the Council logo in promotional materials along with the statement, "Accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education."

Payment, Policies, and Procedures

  • Membership follows the academic year, July 1 thru June 3
  • Programs can support the work of the Council through active membership, whether or not the program is accredited. See the website
  • To become a member, complete the Membership Application found on the Council website and submit it with a check for annual dues. Note: Check the website for the current fee structure. Effective September 2012, membership dues are $500.
  • Dues will be prorated the second year, giving credit for unused dues during the first year. For example, if a Program joins the Council in October, they pay the fee for a full year. When invoices are sent the following year, they will be given credit for four months (July through October).
  • Membership dues must be paid on an annual basis concurrent with the academic year, July 1 through June 30, as follows:
    • Invoices are mailed on April 1, payment is due no later than July 15. 
    • If payment has not been received by September 15, a second billing is sent with a $25.00 late charge. 
    • If the annual dues and late charge are not received by October 31, a letter is sent advising the Program that membership has lapsed.
  • Current membership must be maintained as a condition of accreditation. If membership lapses for non-payment, accredited programs are notified by mail that the accreditation has lapsed.
  • Program accreditation that has lapsed for non-payment can be reinstated within 90 days of December 31 (received by March 31) by paying the outstanding membership fee, the $25 late charge, and a reinstatement charge of $200.
  • Programs that have multiple sites pay the $500 membership fee for the first site and $50 membership fee for each additional site. For example, a program that is delivered at four sites will pay $500 for the first site, and $50 for each of the additional three sites for a total of $650 annually.



Member: A college or university human services degree program may be a member of the Council before the program is accredited. To maintain membership, an application must be completed and annual dues must be paid in a timely manner.
Accredited Member: A college or university human services degree program that is a member in good standing and has submitted a self-study, hosted a site visit, and been approved by the CSHSE Board of Directors for accreditation for a 5-year period. During the 5-year period, annual membership must be maintained as a condition of accreditation.



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